Hey, I’m Anthony Avedissian, and welcome to my website. Whether it's through books and articles or podcasts and videos, I love to feed my intellectual curiosity and deep-dive into an array of subjects.

As part of my drive for personal development, I like to write about my interests and experiences because it helps me think more clearly while helping me discover and develop new ideas.

I launched this website to publish my writing because it forces me to write more and allows me to easily share my thoughts and personal experiences that some people might find useful or interesting. This, in turn, acts as a feedback platform for me while also helping me virtually meet new and interesting people from around the world.

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My Interests

🥷 Muay Thai

👨‍🍳 Cooking

🎧 DJing

  • DJ'ed at XOYO and No.5 Cavendish

💹 Economics and Finance

  • BSc Economics

  • Hedge fund and investment bank experience

💎 Entrepreneurship

  • Founded 3 small companies and start-ups

  • Started several side-hustles

🍎 Healthcare

  • Founded healthtech start-up

  • Assist family-run pharma and healthcare companies

🤑 Investing

  • Trade ETFs/Stocks since 15 years old

  • Bought Bitcoin in 2012, invest in Crypto & NFTs

  • Angel and pre-seed investor in 10+ start-ups

🔊 Music

  • Founded a music production company

  • Generated 1M+ YouTube views

  • Worked with 1,000+ artists

📚 Reading

  • (Try to) read 1+ book/week

  • See my reading on Goodreads

🤿 Scuba Diving

  • Advanced PADI certified

  • Dived in Indonesia, Thailand, Cyprus and Turkey

⛷ Skiing

  • Ski once per year since childhood

🛩️ Travel

  • Traveled to 50+ countries

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